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Welcome to Paelyt Solutions Limited. We are an innovative technology firm and our core competency is providing each and every client with an unparalleled technology service to set up new innovative solutions or to proactively remedy existing solution issues in a disciplined manner. This allows you the client to focus on your capability, your business.

Our ideology is: We are in business to deliver quality technology solutions. This commitment is reflected in the rigor of our research, the exceptional talent and tenure of our people, and our dedication to service excellence.

Quality Technology Solution: We’ve got the competence to meet clients’ objectives consistently and the capability to repeatedly add value, and diligence. It is not just about performance, the integrity of our people and process are imperative factors.

We are equally aware of our clients’ increasingly high standards, and derive great pride from our endorsement in the marketplace.

We recognize that only through the delivery of a consistently high-quality performance and service experience we can exceed those expectations and maintain long-term relationships built on trust.

Clear decision making, a bureaucracy-free environment and a straightforward managed technology solution process create a framework for success for both our clients and us.

Who We Are

If you ever paid a bill online, done cash transfer, or purchased anything online, then there are chances that you have been involved in a chain of events that has been touched or shaped by Paelyt, its services or software.

Paelyt develops the right solution at the right time, for the right business.

For our clients, we take the entire solution approach to help them solve critical challenges and get it right from the onset.

As an established technology-intensive company, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive suite of solutions comprising of custom software, software and web application testing, technology consulting, on/offsite services. Paelyt consistently delivers state of the art products and service across three (3) broad segments namely: payments services, transfers & remittance and technology services.

From payments software, software product development to mission critical enterprise applications, Paelyt provides an unmatched combination of information technology investment-return and flawless technical execution. We try our best to keep our clients in business.

We apply intellectual assets from around the world to our customers´ challenges. We are easy to reach and give our customers exceptional flexibility, scale and world-class expertise.

At Paelyt Solutions Limited we guarantee rapid, reliable and robust information technology solutions that work.

We provide other tailored information technology solutions for small, medium-sized business and large enterprises.

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we power an online payment infrastructures for an online and mobile gaming site.
This entails payments processing and funds disbursement over a secure channel to players and agents.


We power online payments infrastructure for a health and security e-platform. This will entail payments processing and funds disbursement over a secure channel to agents and administrative workers.


We provide payment processing services and funds disbursement over a secure channel to agents and administrative workers.


We develop software for enterprise architecture solutions and provide technology services for power vending, credit lending system, remote and on-site technical support.

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